Why Meizu didn’t launch the Meizu 19, they really haven’t announced any new phones for a whole year. We’ve been waiting for so long, the Meizu 20 should be a big surprise for us, right? You are right, it did give us a “big surprise”.

Its biggest “surprise” is the display. Although this screen looks good, 144Hz, ultra-narrow bezel, straight screen with DC dimming, and super-fast, also very well-placed ultrasonic fingerprint recognition, this should be many people’s dream display. But there are a lot of details you can’t see that are not well done, such as clarity.

6.55-inch screen has only FHD+ resolution, its pixels are RGB-Delta Structure. This means you’ll feel more blurry than other phones when reading text.

Its lower bezel is narrow enough, but you can still see that it’s a bit wider compared to the other three sides.